Beia Consult announces the new innovative project ODSI (On Demand Secure Isolation) that will deliver new security models with the properties and the benefits of both hardware and software approaches. ODSI solutions will guarantee/certify the lowest common subset of software and hardware with the goal to prove the isolation property.

Financial contract Nr. 63 from 14/06/2017

Project ID: C2014/2-12

Deposit code: PN-III-P3-3.5-EUK-2016-0039

The total value of the budget:  1.519.200,00 Lei

The total value of the contract:  2.249.240,00 Lei

The total value of the co-founding: 730.040 Lei

The start date of the contract: 14/06/2017

The end date of the contract:  31/07/2022

Coordinator: B&S RESO NET SRL

Partner: BEIA Consult International

Project Director (coordinator): Cristian Spiescu

Project Director (partner): George Suciu

Project financed by UEFISCDI through the European and International Cooperation Program

More information on ODSI in Romania or ODSI in Europe

Eureka project site