IPF is an engineering company supplying customized solutions for the international polyurethane industry. From the initial concept to the final solution, from current to future necessities, IPF designs from scratch the new factories with the customers, and supplies most of the equipment needed for polyurethane foam manufacturing. IPF is specialized in handling systems and special machinery for managing polyurethane foam blocks, both manually and automatically. In the last years, and due to an innovative platform, IPF is also gathering a huge volume of information in all the customers’ plants, providing added value information and services to the customers.

The catalogue of products and services of IPF is formed by:

  • Turnkey installations: transport and storage systems: Curing racks: conveyor rack & open-top rack, Foam cranes, Pop-ups, Lifting tables and carts, Conveyors, Measuring and printing systems for foam, etc.,
  • Special foam industry machinery: HR Foam Crushing Machine, Foam Roll Compress Machine, etc.,
  • Polyurethane Foam plant automation: tailor-made solutions for Automatic block racking system, Automatic block storage management, Data processing system for short blocks, Cutting management, Stock Control, Incidences Control, etc.. Moreover, it can be highlighted the multi-device and multi-location real-time control platform for the whole factory.

Being a Spanish SME, IPF has worldwide presence due to the importance of their specialized products and the high quality demanded in the foam sector. Therefore, IPF has customers in several European countries (Germany, France, Poland, Romania, Spain…), Asia (India, UAE, Indonesia…), America (USA, Mexico, Colombia…) and Africa (Kenya, Algeria, Libya…). The customers of IPF are large enterprises (the Recticel Group, the Vita Group, Kurlon), but also several SMEs with regional presence that cannot afford huge investments to improve their production processes.

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