PHASE I – State of the art analysis technical and scientific. Modeling of security for minimum isolation. Defining solution for communication between components (COMPLETED)

  • A1.1 State of the art (correlated with T4.1 from the European project)
  • A1.2 Abstract model of the isolation manager (correlated with T1.1 from the European project)
  • A1.3 Definition of validation for isolation manager (correlated with T1.2 and T1.3 from the European project)
  • A1.4 Definition of criteria for performance evaluation of isolation (correlated with T1.6 from the European project)
  • A1.5 Modeling communication between virtual machines  (correlated with T2.1 from the European project)
  • A1.6 Definition of the authentication protocol (correlated with T2.2 from the European project)

Among the objectives of the first phase of the ODSI project, we can find a study on the technologies that were successfully implemented in the IT field. It is aimed to define the requests and the roles of the abstract model for isolation that was performed considering security strategies. Moreover, this phase of the project seeks to determine the authentication protocol that will ensure a secure communication based on the recognition of two different entities.

Phase description: In this phase, we completed the market study, research reports and technical specification.

Phase I was completed on December 31st, 2017.

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