Software Quality Systems, S.A. is an independent testing house expert in the design and implementation of verification and validation processes. SQS is specialised in software quality management and assurance. SQS helps enterprises and organisations make their development activities more successful and finish projects within budget and time by providing systematic software quality assurance. The customers of SQS are relevant players within the telecoms, aeronautics, pharma, railway, electronics and banking sectors. SQS expertise comprises high technical background in designing, implementing and managing complex testing environments. SQS is in the position to offer the experience, knowledge, methods and tools that are currently implemented in SQS Test Lab, as a primary basis for the creation of new Test Platforms. Test Platforms that are currently created to manage and validate both functional and nonfunctional (interoperability, usability, load, stress…) requirements. SQS’s success is largely due to an effective combination of consultancy and implementation service activities. SQS helps its clients with the implementation of improvements; our goal is the active transfer of know-how to our clients. No project is concluded until the customers’ problems have been resolved. SQS’s focus is on two different areas of activity:

  • Process quality assurance: In this area the main objective is to define the software development and maintenance process in such a way that quality defects are avoided in both initial and final products.
  • Product quality assurance: This includes all activities to avoid errors (constructive QA) and to find errors (analytical QA including review and testing) in initial and final products.

Some services offered by SQS are:

  • Design, follow-up and implementation of software development processes.
  • Design and implementation of benchmark process.
  • Design and implementation of product certification programmes. SQS has designed the Certification Vodafone Mobile Partner Programme (VMPP).
  • Design and implementation of verification and validation processes for safety critical systems and infrastructures, fulfilling sectorial standards (CENELEC, FDA).

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