NEXTEL is a telematic engineering company with an expertise in security solutions. NEXTEL is an accredited auditor by BSI on BS-7799-2:2002 information security management system and has a long record of activities with telecom and broadcasting companies. NEXTEL has more than two decades of experience offering telematic services to the business world, broadcasters and telecommunication industrial enterprises, providing them with advanced technical security solutions and helping them to a total integration of telecommunications to their business processes. NEXTEL develops a wide range of network value added services from computer installations maintenance to specific security solutions.

NEXTEL has a development department focused on high performance secured computing in areas like banking, airports, construction and public administration. References are: Automotive (Daimler-Chrysler), Health (Osakidetza, SSO technologies), airports (AENA), ports (Puerto de Bilbao), Basque Parliament, SPRI, assurance companies and utilities. Our areas of work include the engineering, integration and consultancy of telematic systems and services, the support and advanced technical training, the security and maintenance of networks and systems, and the design and development of web applications. Services: Security Consultancy, SGSI Implementation (Systems of Management of the Security of the Information) according to BS 7799-2: 2002 / UNE 71502, content security, Secured servers, SSL, SET, Certification servers, certification entity, PKI systems, Routers, Firewalls, Proxys, and VPN modules, Systems of high availability and performance. NEXTEL has a high expertise in developing R&D projects, at both European and national level.

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