Prove & Run helps its customers to meet the security challenges of embedded systems and connected devices. Thanks to a patented software development toolchain based on innovative proof techniques, Prove & Run can deal with the development of the most sensitive software components (microkernels, hypervisors, OSes, secure bootloaders, etc) and meet the highest security requirements (CC EAL7 and more) in a cost effective manner, taking also into account time-to-market and required skill levels constraints. Prove & Run was founded in 2009 and is a rapidly-growing software company, staffed with researchers and engineers who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of computer science and software development. Prove & Run is independent and privately owned by its management team which has a solid track-record in turning innovation into successful businesses.

Prove & Run’s main product are the ProvenTools. The ProvenTools enable a software engineer to build formal models of software components (including functional and non-functional constraints and properties) and then to gradually refine these models into implementation-level models, while maintaining perfect coherence between each level. This approach allows the software engineer to be mathematically certain that a property expressed in a specification-level model is still fully satisfied by every implementation-level model, and thus to get as close as possible to zero-bug software. The ProvenTools is result of the collaboration of 15 R&D engineers, including 11 PhDs in formal methods.

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