PHASE II – Developing solution for communication between components. Project for ODSI system management (COMPLETED)

  • A2.1 Definition of requirements for system management (correlated with T3.1 from the European project)
  • A2.2 Security model of the system (correlated with T3.2 from the European project)
  • A2.3 Testing communications (correlated with T2.3 and T3.3 from the European project)

Recent tendency to utilize the IoT technologies made people concern about security problems caused the utilization of multiple devices. Therefore, the constraints of the ODSI will also be considered that will ensure a secure management system when M2M and other industrial systems are taken into account. Furthermore, the taxonomy of the connected objects will be described. General problems regarding security and requests for IoT and M2M are analyzed as they will be useful to identify security needs.

Phase description: In this phase, we completed technical specification, the model for the system prototype, testing report.

Phase II was completed on July 31st, 2018.


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