Since 2001, CityPassenger, a 20 employees SME, develops secured network infrastructures dedicated for enterprise applications (around 800 customers worldwide). Our products line is call “Mobile-IT Networks”, an all-in-one routeur solution which offer a wide range of functionalities (FireWall, VPN, URL filtering, load balancing, etc.) with optimal security and performances. Based on a strong customer partnership with its customers, CityPassenger has developed a dedicated environment which integrate the specific business applications required for the specific needs of customers.

Moreover, CityPassenger has active upstream R&D and technology watch teams to invent future products and services and to improve business activity of its customers. Since 2003, CityPassenger is involved in many international Joint R&D Projects in domains like Cloud Computing, Secured Remote Access and Semantic Web. The company is a member of the World Class Cluster.

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